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• IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamond

• 1.5ct Round Brilliant Cut

* 18K Solid Gold

• 6Prongs Solitaire Setting

• Designed in Singapore, Handmade in Italy

Join us for an exclusive event celebrating your purchase of a lab-grown diamond solitaire ring!

Our featured product boasts our popular six-prong design crafted from 18k solid gold. Each diamond comes with IGI certification, ensuring its quality and authenticity.

This limited-time offer is available to a select number of customers, with prices unmatched in the Singapore market.

Don't miss out on our inaugural appreciation event, featuring the most affordable and highest quality products!

Remember, availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you for choosing us!

Special Buy IGI Lab Grown Diamond_ 1.5ct Solitaire Ring

  • Exchange and Refund Policy

    All orders are final as they are immediately processed in our system. Refunds will not be allowed once order has been placed. In the event where we do not have the item in stock, customer will be contacted by our team. In this case, customer can choose to wait for the stock to arrive, or exchange to another item that is available. We stand by the quality of our products however in the event where the item(s) received is/are defective, we will exchange the item(s) for you within 7 days. (Excluding postage fee if required by customer). Alternatively, you can drop by our store at 111 somerset or contact us for the location to drop your item(s) off at our pop-up booths.

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